05/28/2013 06:27 pm ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

Festival Style for Moms

Instead of the high-end-boho-to-the-extreme trends that Coachella drew, the family festival requires clothes that can be barfed on, bottoms that won't show your ladyparts on the scrambler, a bag that can hold sippy cups and shoes that give you the ability to move quickly through crowds chasing runners. But us moms are full of tricks and we can stay stylish through the summer family festival season.

Of course there is no time to put makeup on before (and it would look strange to be full-faced made up in the middle of the afternoon scarfing down cotton candy) so a solid pair of sunglasses work just fine to hide the my three-year-old doesn't sleep well under-eye luggage. Here is what I chose for our first family festival of the season...

Festival Style for Moms

I love fashion blogs and this year many of them had fabulous festival style for Coachella, but I am past those kinds of festivals. I thought I would do a fashion post for the kind of festivals I attend nowadays. The kind with cotton candy, bumper cars and a zillion kids. Here I am with my kids at the Mill Valley Fair. What do other moms wear to kid friendly summer festivals?

Festival Outfit:

Shorts BlankNYC studded pocket similar on sale

Tank 291 (very, very old)

Jean shirt Current Elliot

Boots Officine Creative

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Bag Zara (old)

class="Apple-style-span">Watch Timex

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