06/12/2013 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The New Closet Edit for Global Warming

We think the best way to save money on clothes is to be able to see everything you have. So, spend a couple hours cleaning out your closet every month or two and you will feel less need to shop for items you don't actually need.  Since the weather has been batshit crazy we suggest the following edits for keeping, storing and donating or selling.   


  •   Everything black-black is back for summer even black leather 
  •   All things leather are in for summer -- we love these this leatherish cutout T from Zara and this faux leather tank 
  •   Chunky sweaters-with weird weather these are great to layer over shorts
  •   Lacy cocktail dresses
  •  Anoracks and fur-surprisingly versatile for cool summer nights paired with flared pants and a long white tank
  • Biker boots (managing to stay hip through the seasons).  These are great with skinny jeans or shorts paired with a button down or a simple t-shirt for summer.


  • Jackets that are not anoracks, fur or leather
  • Chords and wool or heavy pants
  • Thick, winter dresses
  • Winter boots that are not biker boots
  • Uggs-Trust us they do not look good with shorts and since they started making them with cheaper material they aren't even as cozy... you might want to consider donating.

Donate or sell:

  • Any basic item in your closet that you have not worn for 3 months...jeans, shirts, sweaters and bags
  • Any item that has had too much lovin-everything with a permanent stain should be donated.
  • Over the knee, high-heeled boots
  • Super trendy pieces that have passed their expiration date like clogs-even fancy ones, daytime pajamas (although we love the idea of this, unless you are a supermodel we wouldn't recommend it).

 There are several ways to get rid of your clothes in a green way.  The Real Real, picks up designer fashions and sells them for you and there are also great non profits that always need clothes, like Image for SuccessDress for Success and The Salvation Army. 

Also, mixing up the way you store your items will allow you to review your closet and we promise you will find items that you didn't realize you had.  Those vacuum bags that fit under the bed are actually great for storing winter clothes.