05/03/2013 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

I was very touched by Dove's latest video. I love their many contributions in the debate on the media's unhealthy manipulation and influence on women.

The more they can affect our feelings of inadequacy and being wrong, the more products and services the beauty industry can sell. And the media make their money on the many beauty advertisements.

That's why we are presented with a photoshopped version of reality in magazines and TV commercials. It motivates us to get our credit card out in order to correct our many flaws.

I have two girls myself and I'm very focused on providing them with a great self-support. Just as I have worked a lot on my own ability to speak in a nice and uplifting tone to myself.

I don't believe in victim-hood. The many commercials are a reflection of the wrongness so many of us feel inside. The change needs to come from us. When we take our power back, the beauty industry will have to change their communication.

The campaign from Dove is a step in the right direction. I'm so looking forward to the day where we don't have to waste so much of our creating power on not feeling good enough or pretty enough.

It will release a tremendous amount of energy. Phew. Let's do it.

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