12/18/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2013

Inspired Gifts

I often hear people say: "It's not about getting, but all about giving."

That has never made sense to me. It must be all about the balance between the two. In order to get, we need to give, and in order to give we must have something to give. Everything else doesn't make sense in my world.

Since I was a little girl, I've had a vision of contributing on a grand scale. At the same time, I've been very conscious of contributing in a nurturing way.

I'm not the type who is beneficial at the front line. Not the physical one, anyway. I'm way too sensitive for that. I have spent many years in making myself wrong for my lacking ability in getting dirt under my nails or blood on my clothes.

I now know, that we should all focus on contributing in a way, where we contribute best.

Last year I learned about UNICEF's Inspired Gifts. A concept of buying Christmas presents that save lives around the world. For a small fee, you can provide 30 children with a good start in school.

I decided to buy a midwifery kit for 50 mums and babies. I have delivered three children myself, and I don't even dare to think over how it must be to give birth without help in unhygienic surroundings.

In April I received an email stating that 50 children now were brought into this world with my help. And with tears running down my face, I felt for the first time that my wish in contributing on a grand scale was opening up.

I haven't yet decided how I want to contribute this year. I like the thought of donating a motorbike for health workers or a tent. And I may go for another 50 births. No matter what, I'm rejoicing in my ability to help.

I don't find it greater to give than receive. When we receive something, we make it possible for others to give.

And as I, with the help of others, am getting better and better at being a service to myself, I'm able to help more people around me. And that's the co-creation life is all about.