02/25/2013 10:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Navigating the World as an Introvert

I'm definitely an introvert. I have never enjoyed group work or small talk. At school, I was always told to come out of my shell and be more engaging. My teachers said I was way too shy.

I actually think I became my own boss because I had a hard time with being part of an active work place with a lot of talk and team spirit. Just the thought seems stressing to me. I need a lot of alone time to think and contemplate life.

I have worked through a massive stage fright, because I can't seem to keep hiding my wisdom. I like the spotlight now, most of all because I love to uplift and inspire other people. When I have been on stage, I need some time to recharge and I can only do that alone.

For many years, I felt very wrong and was ashamed of my lacking desire in social activities. Today, I understand that I'm just introverted. That understanding is such a relief.

I love the many hours where I can sink into new knowledge with a new book or an enlightening audio. I love my work in front of the computer and the fact that I'm able to sell my wisdom online. I love social media, where I can be social without showing up for all kinds of events. And I love deep conversation with a few select people.

Even though our culture still favors the extroverts, I find it to be easier navigating in the world as an introvert. And it makes my heart sing that my introverted son gets to grow up without having to adjust as much as I had to. He gets to focus on his desires and strengths.

This video is a great introduction to the whole thing:

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