09/23/2012 01:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You in Love With a Fantasy?


Are you in love with a fantasy?

I have always been good at spotting the potential in other people. I used to spend a lot of energy cheering people along in order to get them to realize all kinds of things. I knew they would strike gold if they just did that one thing.

The problem was that they didn't have the intention to change. Because of many different reasons, they would rather stay where they were. And it took quite a while before I finally got the truth behind the whole thing.

They would say yes, but they meant no. They would promise the world, yet facts were that their actions spoke a very clear language. And because I couldn't handle the truth I slowly began to go along with the lies. Clinging to my vision.

I remember when I first realized that I was more in love with a potential than the facts. The feeling was horrifying in all ways. I could almost taste it all, if only they would...

I ended up wasting so much energy on morphing the truth. Madly in love with an illusion. A fantasy that could easily be realized but never would with the people involved. Because it was my dream and not theirs.

As the years have passed I have begun to cherish facts. I can relate to facts and make decisions around them. I have released what could have been and concentrate on what is, noticing the things that are a match to my own dreams and wants.

I'm no longer into potentials. The truth is that we all have an unlimited potential. The question is more what we plan to create, in what way and the time frame behind.

It has been so liberating for me not having to sugarcoat everything, or lifting people who don't want to move. My life is constantly filling up with more and more facts I love and feel nurtured by.

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