02/23/2015 11:40 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2015

My Body Love and Weight Loss Tips

A new year is a time where a lot of us are setting intentions around taking better care of ourselves physically. I am sure it will not come as a surprise that one of the top resolutions people make each year has to do with losing weight.

If this is one of your intentions, do you ever wonder why perhaps year after year you begin with enthusiasm and commitment, yet somewhere along the way you get of course? You do not see the results you want and give up. You hate feeling restricted. Life gets busy and it's just easy to eat on the run and stop working out.

So what is the key to losing weight?

Well the first thing is to stop saying you want to "lose" it because you don't want to find it later, do you? Instead, set the intention to release weight in service to your overall wellbeing. I expand on this and offer you additional tips in today's vlog as well as guide you through a body love meditation.

What today's vlog and blog is really about is self-care.

The tips I offer you in the video and highlight below may result it releasing weight in service to your overall radiant health, not because you should look like a magazine cover model (who is photoshopped!).

Tip 1: Examine the energy your intention of weight release is riding on. If you are coming from a place of judgment, (ex: "I don't like my body and want it to be different), you are sabotaging yourself. The heaviness of your judgment is in direct conflict with the lightness you desire physically. Lighten up on yourself and pursue your intention with love, compassion, and self-acceptance.

Tip 2: So much of over eating or eating things that are not optimal for our body has an emotional trigger. To break the pattern of eating in response to stress, sadness, anger, nervousness, or loneliness, engage in frequent release writing or release talking (both explained in the vlog). As you learn to respond to triggers in an emotionally healthy way, not only will you save calories, but you will also be releasing emotional weight that often translates to physical weight.

Tip 3: Engage in a process of future forecasting by writing an ideal vision of what radiant health looks like for you. Write in present tense how you are feeling, what you are doing, how you are eating, the choices you are making, what you are believing and the results that are occurring. Be descriptive and enthusiastic. What does radiant health, well-being and radical self-acceptance look like to you? (If you have a copy of Expectation Hangover, you can find the process of future forecasting on page 97).

It is imperative when making any kinds of changes in our life that we have a CLEAR vision of what we are moving toward. Future forecasting helps to reprogram our mind so that we actually become the energetic of what we desire. When it comes to weight release, I see so many people focusing so much on what they don't want and don't like about their body, which, again, weighs down their vibration and makes releasing weight more challenging.

Write out your ideal vision and read it out loud every day!

Tip 4: Instead of overwhelming yourself with an extreme diet and exercise plan, go slow. If you want this weight release to be permanent, you can take small steps for a larger, lasting impact. Basically, pick one thing to add, one thing to modify, and one thing to delete. For example, add 30 extra minutes of exercise twice a week. Modify alcohol (sugar and empty calories) from 5 drinks a week to 1 per week. Delete eating past 8:30 pm.

Commit to your self-care plan for 30 days, or until it becomes habitual and routine, and then come up with a new one.

Over commitment usually leads to a lack of commitment. Stretch yourself without pulling your integrity muscles!!

Tip 5: This is the MOST IMPORTANT. Love your body. Right now. Exactly how it is and what it looks like in this moment. Judgment and hate are not weight release secrets. Please do not abuse yourself with your self-talk and perpetuate the over emphasis society puts on physical appearance. Own your body and your beauty.

To support you in this, I guide you through a body love meditation at the end of the vlog. It is easy to do on your own, so after you watch and learn it, I recommend the meditation every morning before you get out of bed.

Remember, the effectiveness of any intention you make rides on the energy you make it with. The more goals you set that ride on the energy of love, acceptance, enthusiasm, joy, health, creativity and all kinds of other juicy stuff, the more you will see your goals becoming your reality.

To your radiant health!