09/25/2014 04:47 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2014


As social creatures, human beings need continued interactions with other living things. Being isolated can be damaging to us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

But often, we confuse human connection with attachment. As we live in a world where we are connected via Internet, I find that we often need more mental, emotional, and physical connection than ever before. We are disconnected in the most connected world.

We have created social media in replacement of the basic social need we require.

This is my personal realization: a realization that I am seeking deeper connection even when I have a large network around me. I noticed that although I am constantly on my phone interacting via emails, messages, and social media outlets, I look for human touch and meaningful conversations. I've noticed myself getting attached to those whom I feel an instant connection with. And for me I find attachment is a negative. It was completely separate from love. Attachment I found was from ego, fear, and greed. It was because I was focusing on what I want not on what is needed and what I can do. Realizing this, I needed to take immediate action.

I do see many benefits social media has brought and we also must continue to invest in innovation and technology. However, we also have to understand not to sacrifice our basic need and/or try and replace that. In this innovative world, we often have to ask ourselves, are we running our innovations and inventions or is our innovation and inventions consuming our lives?

Do you feel a want to have a product, a person, or a "like"? All those "I want" and "I need," I hope you take this time to reflect on really how much you want and need those things and ask yourselves why. You might find that asking the question "why" will help you understand that it isn't the product or the online connection or the inventions you need but it is the true human connection you seek and it is the acceptance and freedom you seek. With that realization, it is my deepest desire to you to let go of those attachments to find the true permanent solution for your actual needs.