06/18/2012 06:54 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Why We Love Men Who Love Women

Growing up, I was blessed to have an encouraging dad along with male teachers and bosses who took the time to invest in me. As we celebrate Father's Day this week, I want to give a special shout-out to all of the great guys out there who actively support women and girls in their own lives, as well as around the world. I was proud to be out in Washington D.C. last week in support of one such great cause: Men Against Breast Cancer, the nation's only non-profit organization dedicated to helping men be caregivers when breast cancer strikes a loved one.

"Our ribbon is pink and blue to symbolize that men and women are in this together," says Marc Heyison, founder and president of Men Against Breast Cancer. "It is a call to arms for all men to be there for the women they love." Throughout their lives, men play vital roles as fathers, sons, partners and allies to women and girls. Here are a few great partnership organizations doing important work engaging men in efforts to make our families, communities, and world safer and stronger.

Thank you, today and everyday, to all men who stand with women and girls.

Why We Love Men Who Love Women