03/16/2009 10:02 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

AIG Apologists, Let's See You In Court

Remember those AIG commercials from 2008 where the little kids talked about how their
parents invested family savings in AIG? Now those kids and their parents are called to pay bonuses to the AIG executives who ran through those family savings like...little kids.

AIG apologists claim contractual obligations for their bonuses, while the outraged public wonders why they even get paid at all. There are no bonuses on Main Street, where pay cuts and pink slips are a fact of life and American workers wind up on the short end of employment-related contractual disputes on a daily basis -- so why does Wall Street have a different standard?

Here's a solution: AIG should cancel the bonuses or the feds should cancel the AIG money. Make the AIG apologists who claim entitlement sue for their "contractual" bonuses -- and televise those hearings so we can all know just exactly what the AIG apologists think they did to earn public bonuses -- and whether those bonuses were actually promised by the federal government. It is long past time to peel back the curtain that has shrouded the AIG bailout in secrecy. AIG apologists, let's see you in court.