08/04/2011 02:35 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

Free America From GOP Hostage Takers in Wisconsin

Had enough of the corporate libertarian efforts to debrand, defund and demoralize center-left institutions in America? Tired of being force-fed satan sandwiches? Want to free America from Republicans gloating about holding America's good faith and credit "hostage"? Don't agonize, organize. Channel your frustration into action by volunteering today to get out the vote in Wisconsin. The world witnessed an Arab Spring; now let's show them an American Summer.

Wisconsin, the state where Scott Walker created a budget gap with a corporate tax cut then balanced the budget on the backs of working families, has a series of recall elections this month. First up, on Tuesday, 6 recall elections featuring 6 strong Democratic challengers, 5 of whom are pro-choice women. This is a chance to send a message nationally that workers' rights are human rights, and politicians that vote to take those rights away will pay the price at the ballot box, while creating real progressive momentum for 2012.  

As of yesterday, We Are Wisconsin PAC, which is the progressive labor coalition leading the recall campaigns, has tallied over 11,700 volunteers who have knocked on 437,235 doors and made 716,339 phone calls for a grand total of 1,153,574 attempts!

What happens in Wisconsin will not stay in Wisconsin -- it will spread across the country as a shining example or cautionary tale for President Obama. The stark contrast between the first two years and the last eight months of the Obama presidency comes down to one basic truth: elections have consequences. With a progressive Congress we saw a Recovery Act that created or saved 3.5 million jobs, healthcare reform, Wall Street reform, Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, and unprecedented veterans benefits. With a tea party Congress we've endured a self-described "war" on women's health and "hostage" taking with the manufactured debt crisis.

We can't change the political environment unless we prove we can win. Do your part by calling Wisconsin today. Karl Rove is getting involved, the Koch bothers are getting involved -- why not you?

Here are 3 ways you can help bring home a victory in Wisconsin:

Join the Wisconsin Democrats by signing up here.

Join EMILY's List tonight to call.

Join AFSCME and others the progressive labor alliance to call.