11/01/2013 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2013

The Main Event

My husband went to Atlantic City this past weekend to see a light heavyweight title fight as part of a promotional press trip. He enjoys "the sweet science," but he's never seen a fight live. He was really excited and had the most interesting conversation while waiting for the main event to start:

The Other Guy: "It's like 'The Main Event,' starring Barbra Streisand, and... and... who was it? Oh, right, Ryan O'Neal."

My Husband: "Was it Ryan O'Neal? Wasn't it Kris Kristofferson?"


MH: "No, that's 'A Star is Born.'"


MH: "Wait. It was Robert Redford, right?"


MH: "No, that's 'The Way We Were.'"

TOG: "C'mon, Google it. I'm sure it's Ryan O'Neal."

(MH Googles.)

MH: "You're right!"

TOG: "I know my Streisand."

MH: "You certainly do."

Two straight guys and an unapologetic, unembarrassed, and un-ironic conversation about Barbra Streisand's film catalogue at a boxing match. What were your judgments? What were your feelings about this story? What were the automatic responses you had? What's the impact of these automatics in your life, work, and relationships?

Consider bringing a higher level of awareness to who you are being in a given situation. It's a twist on mindfulness. Although, yes, you may become more mindful -- any change or shift in your life actually begins by being aware of who you're being and the impact this has on others.

I invite you to consider the possibilities.