01/10/2014 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Smart Traveler's Advice on Social Media


Matt Long's approach to travel is a little unusual. On his blog,, he writes about the most comfortable way to get there, and not necessarily the cheapest. "I call it luxury adventure travel," he says. "It's amazing experiences coupled with comfortable surroundings." Long is also like the rest of us -- he has a significant other, three dogs and a house in the suburbs. Last year, he left his job as a DC lobbyist to pursue travel blogging full-time and now consults with several companies on social media and blogging.

What makes him the world's smartest traveler? Other than that he has one of the most influential travel blogs? It's his level-headed approach to travel budgeting. "Everyone always asks me how to get the best deals," he says, "but the answer is right in front of them. Through the noise of social media those bargains can sometimes be missed, but they're there if you know where to look." It's as easy as following your favorite airline, hotel or cruise line on Twitter. Those companies regularly broadcast special offers to their followers. He also suggest following the online chatter about travel -- Twitter "chats" that can be found through hashtags -- #TTOT, #TNI and #TripItChat -- "are a great way to get ideas for future travel as well as tips on how to save money," he says.

The World's Smartest Traveler is a weekly series about the visionaries who inspire us to travel smarter. Its curator, Christopher Elliott, is the author of the upcoming book, How to Be The World's Smartest Traveler (National Geographic Books). Want to nominate someone for this feature? Send Chris a note.