03/06/2012 12:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Smash' Recap: 34 Eyerolls From Episode 5, 'Let's Be Bad,' In Chronological Order

Previously on "Smash": "Why don't we ever go to your place?" "She's trying to get me fired." "I had an affair with Michael Swift, and no one else can know!"

Presented without commentary, the most absurd, comical, self-serious and/or humorless moments from Episode 5, "Let's Be Bad," in chronological order.

1. "Just relax. What are you afraid of?"
2. "Can we find time to talk? Maybe after rehearsal?"
3. "What's bigger than love?"
4. "Am I not allowed to share my thoughts with you anymore?"
5. "A teaching retreat. To get re-certified."
6. Julia licking the whipped cream.
7. Leo in handcuffs.
8. "I kinda got arrested."
9. Tom's boyfriend's lawyer talk.
10. "You're not a lock for that promotion."
11. "I always thought R.J. stood for Ralph Johnson."
12. "She does seem crafty."
13. "You were arrested. For smoking pot. In Central Park."
14. Julia's angry mom face.
15. "You're playing with fire, and this is your wake-up call."
16. "I'm pretty good with a computer, if you need some help."
17. "The vibrato."
18. "I'm a grown up."
19. Julia's sad adoption face.
20. Leo's music.
21. "I'm 16 and I live in New York City."
22. "Darling, so many pills."
23. "Don't condescend to me."
24. "I don't care what you think or what Derek thinks."
25. "I was hoping you might wear something sexier."
26. "I've got a hot girlfriend and it wouldn't hurt to show you off."
27. "Is that Swifty?"
28. Michael's tattoo.
29. "Are you asking me to stay?"
30. "Your mother and I used to smoke a little doob after a tough rehearsal."
31. "You know you can't get rid of me."
32. "Michael, look at me." "Gladly."
33. Michael serenading Julia.
34. Leo spying on Julia and Michael.

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