'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together': 24 Thoughts & Observations About Taylor Swift's New Video

Last week, Taylor Swift released the video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," her ridiculously catchy smash-hit new single from the upcoming album Red. It's ... something else. Ahead 24 observations, thoughts and questions about the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video, presented without (much) commentary.

1. The hand-sewn blue bird with a button eye.

2. Taylor Swift's pajamas have squirrels on them.

3. The way she says and mimes, "The first time."

4. Her glasses.

5. What?

6. The way she says and mimes, "I love you."

7. The Furry Band.

8. The pointing dance that Taylor Swift does.

9. The girl Furry playing/holding the violin.

10. This guy.

11. The hand motion Taylor Swift makes when she says "screaming."

12. "With some indie record that's much cooler than mine."

13. The angry headbang (or half-body bang) that Taylor Swift does when she's "telling you, telling you."

14. The paper car straight out of "Be Kind Rewind."

15. This guy.

16. Why do all the members of the Furry Band look like extras from the "Black Hole Sun" video?

17. What decade is Taylor Swift's phone from?

18. The way says "I still love you."

19. Taylor's still doing the pointing dance.

20. The glitter bomb on the we-HEEEE.

21. "I don't know."

22. The blink-y thing Taylor Swift does on the last "getting back together."

23. The hand-sewn blue bird with a button eye.

24. Avril Lavigne must be straight-up pissed right now.

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