02/06/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2013

Who Won Besides the Ravens and Beyonce? Pizza Joints Across the Country Cashed In Big

While chicken wings were making headlines before the game, it was all about pizza for game day fuel this year. It was a game of pepperoni vs. chicken, sides vs. dessert, and fan loyalty all came down to the local play.

According to our ChowNow analysts, pizza orders nationwide have been steadily on the rise for the past six months. But, on the day of the big game we saw an increased spike of nearly 300% in Los Angeles, CA; Madison, WI; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; and New York, NY. Specific ordering trends within each city also emerged through game-time ordering:

Los Angeles, CA:
With bathing suit weather nearly every day of the year, it comes as no surprise that SoCal's pizza topping fave is lean and low fat: chicken breast. Less than 10% of orders included pork products while a majority included more non-traditional toppings like sun dried tomatoes, avocado and salad.
Average order: $36.92

Madison, WI:
In a word: pepperoni. The city built on a solid foundation of cheese is crazy, crazy! for pepperoni pizza. Over half of all pizza orders starred either pepperoni alone or alongside its porky pal, sausage.
Average order: $30.40

Chicago, Illinois:
While the Windy City may be the home of deep dish-style pies, thin crust cheese and margarita pizzas were the MVPs this year, accounting for nearly 25% of all orders. Chicagoans were also big with the side salad order, with 20% of orders including one or more. Slightly off the beaten track, calzone orders saw a big surge during the game (18%).
Average order: $36.16

Columbus, OH:
The chicken wing wasn't totally trampled--at least not in Buckeye territory. In fact, wings were ordered alongside pizza 38% of the time. Additionally, Ohioans also went big on dessert this year with 18% of orders including either a slice or a whole cheesecake.
Average order: $32.93

New York, NY:
The city that never sleeps was fueled by pies topped with uber-fresh ingredients like basil, raw tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Interestingly, individual pie orders were more popular in New York than anywhere else with 33% of orders comprising two or more individual pizzas. New York was also the only city to have a significant number of orders (10%) include bottled water.
Average order: $32.04

What kind of pie were you snacking on during the Super Bowl?