11/20/2014 07:56 am ET Updated Jan 20, 2015

Welcome 'Home' HuffPost

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the Greek version of the Huffington Post following its successful launch in other European countries. It is in many ways a homecoming for Arianna Huffington and her brainchild.

The Greek edition of the Huffington Post will offer a new channel of information and communication to the Greek people.

In today's interconnected world and with real-time information, the need for responsible and in-depth reporting is of paramount importance.

The Greek edition of the Huffington Post comes at a time that Greece and the US enjoy a most fruitful bilateral relationship, based on common values and principles, mutual respect and trust. The flourishing dynamic of the Greek American community and the strong ties of transatlantic partnership are added values for our cooperation. Greece deeply appreciates the continuous support of the US in the Greek government's efforts to revitalize the economy, strengthening the friendship and cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, Greece's firm stance in promoting stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean enhances the strategic relationship between the two allies.

I strongly believe that the Greek-language edition of the Huffington Post will play an important role in further strengthening Greek-American relations, and in deepening and broadening the mutual interests of the two countries. I am also certain that it will prove to be a vital instrument of pluralism and unbiased information that will serve the common good on both sides of the Atlantic.