05/11/2012 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Welcome to Moms Open Mic

Some of the funniest people we know are mothers. Some of the least funny people we know are mothers. Often they're the same person. There's something about the serious business of caring for a human life that can be conversely, riotously funny. The world of mom bloggers has figured it out en masse -- Moms need to laugh!

"Moms Open Mic" came about when we saw a sign at a children's boutique: "Comedy Tonight: Sign Up for Moms Open Mic!" We're sure those real moms were hilarious, but the idea seemed ripe for parody. We imagined an alternate universe where only moms at their most earnest and self-serious take the stage. We wrote "sets" for different mom characters and the result is the imaginary "Moms Open Mic" come to life. We love when people think it's the real thing, but seriously, it's a spoof!

WATCH: Sizzle Reel #1 (Click over to Funny or Die for all 15 Moms Open Mic videos!)