09/17/2010 04:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Donna Karan Celebrates 25 Years

Can you believe it was 25 years ago that Donna Karan left Anne Klein to strike out on her own? She revolutionized fashion by really tackling the body at a woman's most vulnerable... the breasts, the waist, the hips... She has always worked her magic to either disguise or accent a woman's body in fabrics that move and drape to work magic. But in her 25th year, this Spring collection is not about the hard-edged NYC woman dressed in black riding around looking sultry in the back of a black limo, a la 80's Donna ads. Instead, it's all honey, ivory, crinkly, soft... so rumpled that you can take it out of any suitcase and look purposely "unswept" and thus sexy. Yep, that unswept, je ne sais quoi look is the collection's thing. See for yourself.

Hey, did I mention? Her pal Susan Sarandon, who was there, told me, "this is one woman who knows how to design for women."