Taking Authority Over Your Destiny as a Small Business Owner

Being an authority takes time, skill and patience. It involves drawing from the experiences you have had in the past to present valued content for your targeted audience. When marketing yourself as an authority, there are three crucial components on the road to success:

  • Do you know more than your prospects?
  • Are you able to help them?
  • Are you willing to help them?

If your response to these three questions is, "Yes," you are already an authority but haven't implemented the steps to reach your potential.

What Is an Authority?

An authority serves to educate and advocate for the audience they serve by understanding problems, identifying key issues and offering resolutions to overcome them.

Secret to Authority Marketing

The first way to establish and market yourself as an authority is to never refer to yourself as an expert -- that's for someone else to do. The second? Write a book. A book helps you take a stance and gives you credibility on your position. Remember, authority begins with "author." This process involves the four C's -- concept, content, construction and the campaign. These tips will help you succeed in effectively positioning and marketing yourself in the industry as an authoritative resource by creating compelling, informative content.

Use your resources

Utilize the power of social media to post and send out messages. Reach out to others to become a guest speaker on their podcasts or radio shows. Do interviews and workshops. Take the time to build the foundation for your platform and turn the information you share into the content for your book.

Create a survey

Surveys of your followers and readers can be invaluable in helping you shape the outline for your book. You'll know what topics your audience wants to read and the types of questions they want answered. An authority-based book is about more than the author; it's about the content the author shares.

Utilize statistics

Using statistics to back up your theories and content is important. When you have the quantitative data to support your stance, your content automatically becomes a qualitative source for future reference.

Find an editor

You need an editor to flesh out your ideas and content to make it cohesive. The worst thing you could do is release any type of content that doesn't make sense or is filled with errors.


Efficiency is the key. Creating authority content takes time, so streamline your efforts by using programs such as Evernote, Scrivener and

ISBN and Publishing Platform

Having an ISBN, which you may also call a UPC code, allows your book to be sold in bookstores and anywhere in the world. Decide whether your book will be hardcover, paperback or an e-book and where you will get it published. Are you seeking a major publishing deal? You need a literary agent. Are you self-publishing? There are a number of printers that can assist.

Create a system to generate high-quality content on a regular interval to your intended audience so they start calling you the expert and seek you out when they have a problem you can solve.