02/15/2006 08:32 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Letter From Iraq, part 2

I post today parts of another letter, this time from a different source, but still in Iraq. I offer it for your reflection, and ask that, whatever conclusions you draw, remember that these are letters written by men in very difficult, life threatening situations. For the whole letter, go to

I write to you not as a soldier, but rather a human being trying to understand the circumstances that surround my deployment here to the Middle East. I feel obligated to provide you with a brief background into me becoming a soldier in the United States Army. Like so many others my age and socio-economic background the Army offered benefits the private sector could not at that time to include; decent medical benefits for my family, college loan repayment program, job security and adequate housing. This statement in itself is a testament to the severity in which our country finds itself. Contrary to popular belief, American citizens join the armed forces for economic reasons and not because of their patriotic fervor. Make no mistake this is an obvious element of class warfare. Citizens from affluent families do not join the military; instead they become the politicians and corporate leaders that make policy and economic decisions for the rest of us. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

Prior to me entering service into the military I had planned on becoming a high school history teacher in hopes of making an impact on the youth of America. I always considered myself a good student; however, it wasn't until I started researching current and past political news stories that I understood that my passion for history did not match my knowledge level on these subjects. This lack of knowledge led me on a quest and thirst for understanding that has since flipped my world upside down. How could I have been so neglectful and ignorant to the plain truths that lye before me? The answer is simple; these truths are purposely hidden and made clandestine to the average American citizen. We all want a feeling that what our country has done in our name is something to take pride in. I am no different. The established control force in this country makes it a point to divert the attention of our domestic and foreign policies by creating an apathetic citizenry. The Establishment (politicians, big business, and military leaders) would rather have its citizens direct their attention to advertising; sporting events, television, and the like instead of concentrating on real events that impact lives. This apathy is stifling to a supposed democracy. In order for a true democracy to be effective, the citizens need to be informed; otherwise a tyranny of the majority will take hold. This is the current situation in which this country operates. Political dissent is squashed and our civil liberties are slowly eroding away under the current administration.