10/30/2013 05:05 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2013

A+ Balance or Barely Passing?

If you have not seen the viral video of high school senior Aria surprising his dad with a passing math grade, you have to watch it. His father's reaction is priceless -- surprise turning into laugh-crying for joy.

As parents, wanting our children to be successful is a top priority. I'm sure parents have tried everything -- from encouragement, to rewards, to strict rules and maybe even bribery -- to help their kids get good grades. In fact, a recent news article shows one woman went as far as hacking the school's computer system to change her kids' grades.

That might be a bit extreme (and illegal) but there are easier ways to help your children succeed -- as simple as just spending time with them.

Studies show that when parents are involved, students tend to have higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates.

And it's not just grades -- spending time with your children also lead to a better sense of identity, self-esteem, increased happiness, and motivation.

In another National Work and Family Month blog,'s Eve Tahmincioglu shares research that found dads consider providing love and support, being a role model, and being present in their child's life the top three characteristics that make a good dad.

So, how can we get more involved in our kids lives? What works for me, personally, is having more time available to them. By teleworking, I'm able to be home when they come back from daycare or be readily available in case something unexpected happens. If I need to take a couple hours off during the day to pick up the kids, I balance it out but logging back on to catch up after they go to bed. My boss encourages balance, and if you are like me, you could take every minute you can get.

As National Work and Family Month comes to a close, take some time to think about what works for you and really practice balance. Spend time with your kids, encourage their development, set goals, and, most importantly, lead by example.

And when your kids surprise you with their dramatically-improved grades, make sure to catch it on video.

Cindy Auten is the general manager of Mobile Work Exchange and practices what she teaches.