01/02/2014 05:57 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2014

2014: May the Focus Be With You

This is bound to be an active year. In what way you are active depends on what you focus on. Why do I say that? Numerologically speaking, it is a seven year, the Year of the Chariot. The Chariot's strength is focus.

The Chariot Tarot Card means (but is not limited to):
• Taking care of Family
• Travel: Cars, Trains, Transportation
• Getting things done
• Going to War
• Realizing you are more than your body
• Controlling the senses
• Running around like a chicken with its head cut off

You can focus your activity on practical matters like taking care of family, getting your list done, getting a new car, or traveling. You can focus on spiritual things by realizing you are more than your body and therefore take action about addictions, weight loss, and putting life's issues in perspective. You can even decide that a particular issue is worth "going to war" over. Be careful, this year you may get overly zealous and end up fighting a cause that takes more energy than it is worth. Another thing that could happen in this Chariot Year is that you totally loose your focus and end up the proverbial chicken.

It is your choice depending on what you choose to focus or not focus on. A big lesson of the Chariot is that you are more than your body; you are a soul in motion! The picture on the card is of a man whose body morphs into the chariot. There are two sphinxes that drive the chariot; they represent your bodily senses. There is a canopy over the driver's head that represents that his higher self directing the driver. Every time you get ready to take action, check in and ask if it is your body or your higher self that is directing you. Make sure your actions and your focus reflect your soul's energy. Yes, it is important to take care of the physical stuff, but this is a wonderful year to deal with the spiritual as well. In doing either, it is important to be aware of the ramification of allowing your action and focus to be distracted or misdirected.

Energy flows to where your attention goes! So this year, more than others, it will very quickly become apparent if you are sending your energy off to places it should not be. Obsessing (incessant focus) on something in the past, on the present, or upon someone else is going to drain you even quicker this year. Yet if you put your focus on what you want to work on, in the present moment, you will be amazed at how much energy you have to work with. Remember energy flows to where your attention goes.

Combine action with attention and you will double your results. So if you have a project or life change that you want to get going, 2014 is a great year to accomplish it! Remember, align your action and focus to what ever you want to accomplish and your energy and the Chariot will be there to assist you! May the Focus be with you!

Cindy Griffith-Bennett, author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives and two guided Meditation CDs, all published by Findhorn Press, blogs for Huffington Post and teaches Spiritual Development and her meditation technique across the country. Living with her husband in Skaneateles, NY, Cindy has just completed her Masters in Consciousness Development where she found a common non-religious specific Mystic's journey. For more information about Cindy and her publications, visit