12/15/2014 03:10 pm ET Updated Feb 14, 2015

How to Stay Calm During the Holiday Shopping Storm

Why is it that holiday shopping makes us tired and cranky? We are supposed to be filled with love and joy! It's a vibration thing. Positive thoughts raise our vibration, and conversely, negative thoughts lower our vibrations. When our vibrations are low, it creates fatigue, headaches, emotional outburst and plain old crankiness. Higher vibrations make us feel happy, calm and blessed! Test this for yourself. Pay attention to how you feel when you are thinking negatively versus when you think positive thoughts.

Nothing can lower our vibration faster than competition for the best deal and that all too common fear that we won't get the perfect present for that hard to buy for relative. Somewhere, deep in our Soul, we remember that we are spiritual beings living in the physical world who have lowered our vibration in order to live in here. These lower vibrations are not our natural state and therefor don't feel good. Meditation is a great way to raise our vibration back up. Whether after a tough day of shopping or when you are in the middle of the mayhem, you can use one of my favorites, the Blessing Meditation!

I like to do the Blessing Meditation when I am shopping. Imagine going into a store this holiday season and instead of being energetically tossed about like last year's ugly sweater, being the source of positive vibrations that radiates calmness to all your fellow shoppers!

The Blessing Meditation:
  1. Take a deep breath and feel your shoulders relax as you exhale.
  2. Return to breathing normally.
  3. Think of someone you love and want only the best for. It is best to choose someone you're not in a romantic situation with, especially if complications are associated with the relationship. I might choose my sister.
  4. Allow the love you feel for that person to strengthen and coalesce in your heart.
  5. Spend a moment with this loving sensation.
  6. Increase that love as you see it forming into a golden ball of light.
  7. Silently bless people as you come across them using whatever phrase feels comfortable. Simply say, "Bless you," or if you know the person, silently say, "Bless you, [name]."
  8. Send out your golden ball of loving light, from your heart, toward the person. Intend that your blessing be received in a way that is for the highest and most loving good.
  9. Making eye contact is not necessary, yet if you feel like it, you can offer a friendly smile.
  10. Imagine your blessing floating his or her way, knowing that if he or she needs the blessing or loving feeling, it will be received. There is no need to force your blessing on the person,
  11. Ask the golden ball of light to be dispersed into the area, if the person is not open to receiving at this time.
  12. Continue with your day, silently blessing people as you come across them.

The Blessing Meditation can be found in my book, Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives published by Findhorn Press and works three ways to raise your vibration. First, by thinking of a loving situation or feeling, you are automatically raised to a higher vibration. Then by blessing those around you, you are being of service, which also raises your vibration. Thirdly, your whole environment will be vibrating at a higher level because of your blessing and this will also positively affect your vibration. It is a win-win situation. Remember though, when sending energy to others, it is important to intend that if the person doesn't want the energy that the blessing energy goes to where it is needed most.

Raising your own vibration is one of the best ways to create a positive shift in both yourself and your environment. So let's be mindful of our vibration while we are out and about this holiday season and take some time to bless those you come across during your day!

Cindy Griffith-Bennett, professional intuitive and spiritual counselor has been teaching meditation and spiritual development for over 20 years. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, Cindy currently lives in Skaneateles NY with her husband, David Bennett with whom she co-authored Voyage of Purpose, both published by Findhorn Press. She is a monthly guest on I100 Classic Rock and a resource on metaphysical matters for television, newspapers and magazines. Cindy has been able to fulfill her passion for research and learning through her Masters Degree in Consciousness Development by writing her thesis looking at a non religious-specific path to spiritual maturity as presented by mystics from multiple traditions. Find out more about Cindy's work at