African Hustler Handbook Has Solutions

We do know by heart very well from front to back the hustler handbook. We , the young people of Africa are still hopeful and we want the international realm and our elders to know that.

As a Zimbabwean I truly wish I could be home right now. My heart aches because like many so far away from home, we know that the international votes or diaspora opinion don't mean anything if they can't count and if we don't make them count. However that said , this is not a reason to sink in our shells and leave Zimbabweans or Africans who are back home on the ground to face the wrath of bad governance. Disappointed, shocked and well I really don't know (grieve? hmm) okay let us not get too sentimental -- many of us know how it feels like when the football team you really supported or thought would win doesn't. But this goes beyond just a game, people's lives will be affected and those who are not born yet this very day will depend on the decisions made today! A lot of questions and very few to no answers. That is what the page of my country and many other African nation's leaflet looks like right now! Yes let's flip that page! FLIP THAT PAGE! More questions! Flip!

We have hope! Questions must be answered with strategic short term milestones and long term answers! Solutions! Solutions! We the young people of Africa have solutions but they must be supported and executed. After all we do know by heart very well from front to back the hustler handbook. We, the young people of Africa are still hopeful and we want the international realm and our elders to know that. We have that mandate to be responsible for the economic development of our nation. Therefore though disappointed, we want the world to know that we are doing something. We are taking action through various means. Did you know about the several young Africans who are engaging in the project And again here in France , there will be a Euro FAYA Summit (Franco-Anglo Young Africa) Summit to outline strategic cross-cultural communication to bridge the communication gap between two very separate cultures and regions in Africa (The Francophone and the Anglophone). There will a pledge and actions plans to be followed up by several start ups engaging in both regions in Africa.

It is true tension is building up -- Everyone is really beginning to ask what is the future going to be like? Can I even go back home if things look this way for Zimbabwe! Why should I go back if for the past years things have been going downhill ! What is the economic, social and political future of countries such as Zimbabwe? To us young people , it is a matter of opportunities- we the young people have been asking for this and will keep asking. But World, we want you to know that we are not going to wait to be dished out opportunities , we are going to shape the opportunities we want. We want to see an economically stable nation that is also politically balanced. We want to see a united Africa! Africans that can speak clearly and fairly on behalf of other African brother's and sister's situations. For this to happen we need to jump the communication hurdles among the diverse cultures, tribes and languages in Africa. We are one nation , so diverse yet when one part is not functioning how can Africa ever speak of economic development. Look , for years South Africa has been called a first world country within slagging Africa, yet what good has that brought to Africa as a whole ! In fact the fact that South Africa is still part of an Africa that is coughing also entails that South Africa that is "so" developed will also be caught hiccuping and having the cough. It is time to learn to work together. And beyond that we must acknowledge that Africa must engage and interact as a partner with the international committee. The diaspora doesn't have full solutions but neither do those at home.

Together we can cook a goulash. However nasty it can taste in the beginning, a united homogeneous mix will prove better -- together we can cook a goulash! This is why me and the F.A.Y.A. secretariat truly believe in the Franglo-Connections (powering Franco-Anglo networks) summit. Take a look and become part of the beginning of cross-cultural relations across Africa and Europe.

F.A.Y.A. Business Summit 2013

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