07/08/2013 05:42 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

From a Name to Individuals to Legacies

Is it the name that rings dimes, is it the identity of this name that sings chimes, is it the things they have done or not done that does the jives, so what makes two people entirely different individuals with ranging worth: Clare

The baby cries, parents oblivious to the future but hopeful and happy about their new born child. For the birth registration it is a wonderful time; a special addition that compensates for the numerous loses. While the nation just had a plus one, a family has planted a seed. I have no idea what the strategy for naming is really (whether there is a strategy we will leave that to pillow talk imagination) yet in a name lies so many factors. In the goulash of a name you will pick out chunks of Culture, pieces that tie up a sense of belonging; you will taste hope or even bitterness; yes, in a name you can swallow the essence of a family, dissect the family background and smell the sweet or foul stench of commitment, a name is the beginning of the shaping of an individual.

In as much as we remember faces, we put names to them to give meaning and identity to individuals. A name is worth nothing if there is no person or thing behind the name. "Rudo" goes from being a mere sound to a representation of love in the Shona language. Yet "Rudo" becomes a distinct human being who can be differentiated from a group, class, or family the moment they begin to exist. Yet it is only when "Rudo" discovers their power of individuality that they become to take form of "a type of person" What does that mean?

We are taught to speak, to walk and to think but how to think is an independent act, is it not? Thinking can be developed but to say we are taught how to think would be misleading. When we look at the baby, it takes the decision to open the mouth and speak, cry ... Babies know when they are hungry they can cry, scream, and jump to alert their parents. How they do it is a phenomenon that leaps into character and personality traits that encompass the childhood identity. As babies we learn to answer to our names when called. We move from the unconscious mind to being conscious of who we are and then taking the step to question and shape our identity as we become adults. Our minds and bodies become critical entities that form an individual while choices that differentiate who we are moving us from mere names to distinct individuals.

What is your name? Who are you? What do you do and why? The top three questions to ask - from name to an individual to a legacy.

It is vital to wake up each morning remembering that we are for sure more than just names but we are individuals unique to our purpose and responsibilities in this world based on who we are and what we want to be. So how much is your name worth? Though we might see names as being of value, the starting point to bringing value to a name is individuals like you and me!