10/19/2012 11:26 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

5-Step Guide for Taking and Making Steps for an Enjoyable Outcome

In my previous article, I detailed steps for garnering and protecting your personal online brand through clearly defining and knowing your intention. While attending the California Women's Conference, hosted in Long Beach, Calif., in the production area I observed the event host, planners, vendors, and speakers; and with all the high stress and productivity, it quickly became obvious that everyone shared one intention -- the desire to do the best one could.

Like many of us, I find the "four agreements" to be a wonderfully concise list of essential reminders for us. Over time, it really can be as simple within each complexity as being impeccable with your word, doing the best you can, not making assumptions, and not taking things personally. However, I personally would not understand how to observe these agreements until I understood what my actual intentions were first for that moment, so for me, with utmost respect for the four agreements, I have taken liberty and added a step: the first step -- or as I bore my colleagues and clients as I say we are to "start with 'zero' first."

At the California Women's Conference, as a speaker my intention was to share practical, non-intimidating tips for attending entrepreneurs in way that was both concise, informational, and motivational, and to be seen as someone who had the ability to do so. In order to accomplish such goals, my mental and physical wellness needed to be unaffected by negatives, such as intimidation, stress or anxiety. This can also translate into taking things personally, making assumptions, not understanding your truth and feeling you aren't at your best. If you are clear what you are wiling to share, and clear with what you wish your audience to take away, then more often than not, the recipe for success begins with the mental and physical states being prepared for the journey; all it takes is listening to your body and recognizing those feelings, and then having a moment to check off your five steps and gently laugh at all you don't know, agreeing to do the best you can and, of course enjoying the moment.

Those who know me know of my overwhelming passion of seeking the best from most situations, and seeing the best in most people. I have learned a lot from most situations and people, and I have transformed and utilized that education and passion to guide individuals and brands as they reposition themselves within social and digital media. My next article will discuss the definition of entrepreneurship and how exciting a time it is to call yourself an entrepreneur.

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