03/09/2012 03:29 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How Courtier Modeling Agency Wound Up on a CW Reality Show

Recently on CW's Remodeled the model agency, Courtier, was featured. Viewers were left with many questions about this promising new business. I went straight to the source to find the answers.

The agency began as a small, aspiring business. Recio told me the company began in advertising. The modeling aspect of the business was the most profitable and interesting aspect of their business. In 2009, Recio decided to transform the company into a modeling agency. A turning point for Recio and his partners, Donovan Ahders and Jose Trifilio, was the International Model and Talent Association competition in New York. Unlike their competition, Recio's team took only their three top models in hopes of receiving more recognition. Their strategy paid off. They received numerous awards and honors from the competition. The Industry saw Courtier's achievements and began to investigate. Later that year, Paul Fisher paid Recio Jackson a surprise visit. He and his CW show Remodeled reinvented Courtier. Fisher plucked Courtier out of obscurity and put it on the road to success. Thanks to the show, Courtier is now being promoted to top industry professionals worldwide. The show aired on Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW.

Courtier is a company built on determination and big dreams. With these qualities at the heart of their business, there is no way Recio Jackson and his team will stop growing until they've reached the top.

As children, we are told that the sky is the limit. Most of us stop believing this and fall back on what we think to be more practical goals. Recio Jackson is one of the few who never stops shooting for the moon. Mr. Jackson grew up in a small town Dickson, Tennessee, which is just outside of Nashville. When I asked Recio Jackson what sparked his interest in the modeling and fashion industry, he told me that he grew up surrounded by his family's music business. As his family's business took off, Recio found himself wanting to become part of the excitement. Jackson worked behind the scenes on different video projects and photo shoots. Although Recio felt inspired by this work, he was not satisfied. His next step was to move to the West Coast to begin networking. Today, Jackson has followed his dreams to Scottsdale, Ariz., where Courtier is based.

The coming months are already mapped out for Courtier, but the long-term future of the agency is in the hands of Recio Jackson. The Courtier modeling agency could go anywhere. Recio is at the helm to make sure the direction the company takes is progressive. The Courtier team will be involved with the Jimmy Choo fashion show at the end of this month and on March 15, Courtier throwing a launch party to promote F.A.M.E., which is a group focused on bringing together 'Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment.'

As our interview was coming to an end, Recio shared one of his philosophies with me, "Every thing in this world that is material started in some body's mind, so if you can visualize something, you can create it." As for Recio's vision for his future, he hopes to expand his business across the United States and to the major fashion capitals of the world. Recio himself admitted that it is easier to break into the industry in today's world because there are so many different ways to get noticed. Recio Jackson is one of the few who put his plans into action and worked until his dreams came true. Recio's combination of undying passion and awe-inspiring work ethic has successfully brought Courtier into the competitive fashion industry. Recio Jackson will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

Article by: Clarissa Burt, Brooke Smith and Emily Beth Ivory