09/12/2012 02:16 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

Getting Your Website Noticed

Co-written by Tyler Fleck

The Internet world is an ever-changing place. Years have gone by since this marvelous tool first was made public, and since then, it has become an entirely different beast. What was first used solely as a fast and easy way to communicate and spread ideas has now been made into a marketing machine, and no one knows that better than the Internet marketers.

Currently, every successful business understands that, in order to gain the profits it needs to survive in this increasingly technological world, making sure that the right people see your website needs to be a major focus of its marketing strategy. And, with search engines like Google growing and evolving every day, it becomes more and more difficult to grasp what your website needs and what your company has to do to stay in front with each passing day. All this leads to one, important question: How can I make sure that people are seeing my site? I talked to Tonya R. Taylor, owner and founder of, to get the answers to this question and more!

Obviously, the end goal of your site, as a business owner, should be to increase profits, or else there is no reason to have a website in the first place. However, before you are able to begin profiting off of your online marketing efforts, there are two previous steps that are just as important. In fact, according to Tonya, there are three major steps to increasing your business' online presence, all of which are expanded upon in the services that offers. These steps are "getting found, getting leads, and getting sales".

Tonya argues that using "frequent targeted content and social media to strategically spread that content around the Internet," all while using your website to "monitor, measure and track sales" is a fantastic way that online marketing can drive traffic and, as a result, your possible profit margin. But, you have to understand that the money cannot come until you learn how to, as Tonya puts it, "use your website to get found by Google," as well as the other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.

You cannot just expect the money to start rolling in the moment your website becomes live. Just because you're "online" doesn't mean the traffic is going to start flowing in, and that can be a major problem with many businesses. After all, as Tonya says, "The Field of Dreams catchphrase, 'If you build it, they will come,' does not apply to websites." You have to "build the right foundation to get your website found by Google," and ensure that you do the correct upkeep on your site so that your "targeted audience" -- those who will most likely purchase your product -- may find you.

Just remember, if all of this is beyond your comprehension, Tonya says that she and her site,, can help "educate you [the business owner] [in] monitoring, measuring, and tracking [your] website visitors as a way to drive even more traffic" and, thus, gain more leads and sales in the process. As a veteran in the online marketing education business, her simple tools and resources can easily help you get your company's website out into the public eye, and make certain that you do not get lost in the complicated wilderness of internet marketing.

Without a doubt, getting your website noticed is a very difficult thing to do; however, if you follow Tonya's directions and set your site down the path of high traffic, your business will truly be able to compete in this technological world.