01/30/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

Entrepreneurs at Sundance

Entrepreneurs and filmmakers are both visionaries. At the Sundance Film Festival it was evident that getting the two together to collaborate was going to lead to inspiration and action. Entrepreneurs were starting crowd funding (indiegogo) accounts for filmmakers at cocktail receptions and teaching them how to market and advertise their films. This wasn't a formal workshop; it was just the type of interaction that was genuine enough to create action on the spot. There is a small group of entrepreneurs creating this environment.

For the past five years, a group called the Collective has given entrepreneurs the chance to experience the magic Park City offers during the festival. The group comes together every year to celebrate films that influence social change. This year, the Collective in partnership with the PVBLIC Foundation, awarded $100,000 in media to the film Girl Rising. Girl Rising is a film that tells stories through the eyes of nime moving girls that increases awareness of global female empowerment and education.

The Collective hosted a series of panels around Entrepreneurship, film and finance that were well attended during the festival. Members of the Collective want to generate more action by hearing about the struggles of film makers and the stories they have to tell. The Entrepreneurial community at Sundance is sure to grow.