05/17/2012 12:47 am ET Updated Jul 14, 2012

The 5 People You Don't Want At Your Wedding -- But They Will Be There Anyway

I've been in nine weddings, officiated at one and worked for a wedding caterer, so I really thought I'd seen it all -- shotgun weddings, Vegas weddings, destination weddings, Catholic weddings, Jewish weddings, lesbian weddings, Mexican weddings, non-traditional weddings, shoestring weddings, extravagant weddings... you name it. But this year marks the first year I'm actually planning my own wedding. And trust me, it's different.

From my experiences, I've learned to embrace a certain truth about weddings; no matter how carefully you plan, no matter what you do, certain "types" of people will be at your wedding. Maybe you can blame your new groom's family, but be honest, some are on your side. Either way these five types of people will be at your wedding. Relax, accept it, and enjoy the stories that your friends will tell for years after.

Stereotypical Wedding Guests