Five Tips To Avoid Valentine's Day Trips Gone Wrong

Please do not wait until the last minute, because the situation could turn out bad.
01/30/2013 11:14 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2013
two people walking on the beach
two people walking on the beach

Have you made your plans for Valentine's Day yet? Well, it's time to get cracking. Please do not wait until the last minute, because the situation could turn out bad, horribly bad. Although, I want to focus on Valentine's travel plans gone wrong, I need to digress for this public service announcement. Here it is. Do not purchase a stuffed animal for an adult for Valentine's Day and think that you have completed your shopping. There is an exception to this rule, because iced up stuffed animals are welcomed.

Unadorned stuffed animals should stay in the store. Your grown-up significant other stopped playing with stuffed animals a long time ago, so please stop giving her last minute stuffed animals unless the furry fellow is wearing some new diamond bauble that you just bought her.
Okay, so back to my travel article with tips on how to keep your Valentine's Day ideas from going terribly wrong.

1. Be realistic. Don't surprise her with a trip in which she'll spend multiple days away, especially if she has a job, children, household responsibilities and hasn't done her hair. Women usually love romantic travel surprises, but if you plan to whisk her away somewhere, make sure that she has time off from work and her other responsibilities are taken care of. Do not assume that she's waiting around for you with nothing to do. Help her plan for the getaway. Ask her if she could clear her calendar. Tell her that she needs to find someone to care for her children (if she has kids) and give her advice on what she should pack.

2. Keep it stress-free. Don't arrange a bunch of adventurous activities for her if she isn't the adventurous type. Although it is fun to watch couples jump out of airplanes on the The Bachelor or watch the challenges on The Amazing Race, Valentine's Day is probably not the best time to force your girlfriend to face her phobias. It also isn't wise to plan a bunch of activities that you'd like to do without considering her.

3. Keep it private. Do not arrange to share a hotel suite with another couple and put your girlfriend on a pull-out sofa in the living area. Sharing a suite isn't a hot idea for Valentine's Day, but if you must split the cost with another couple, make the suite a two-bedroom/two bathroom suite.

4. Spend time with your real significant other. Don't go on a trip with your friends or side piece and leave your significant other at home. You'll eventually be found out. So, unless you are seriously ready to end the relationship, it's probably a good idea to spend Valentine's Day with your loved one.

5. Don't get your dude or lady hyped up over nothing. Staycations are great, but the motel down the street with the fake palm trees in the room isn't an island getaway. Sorry, but ugh, no. If you are hinting that you are taking her to Paris, you better take her to Paris, France and not Paris' Rib Shack down the street.