02/08/2013 07:08 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2013

5 Gorgeous Waterfalls To Visit (PHOTOS)

Where are the most beautiful waterfalls in the world?

Everyone has an opinion and I'll share mine in a second. First, I'll tell you how I came up with my list. I conducted some research to find waterfalls that others thought were worth seeing, and from that list, I narrowed my options down to five waterfalls that I'd like to see in my lifetime. I selected popular waterfalls and some of the largest waterfalls in the world. Like the beaches on my list, the waterfalls are located in places around the world that I'd like to visit someday.

I'm in the mood to make another confession, so here it is. We all know that waterfalls are often viewed from high places, but I'm terrified of climbing. Climbing up a mountain to see a waterfall is a deal-breaker. Let's just say that I tried that (several times) and it didn't work out. That's not going to happen. If it's possible, I think that observing waterfalls from a helicopter is a better choice for me.

Whatever works, I guess.

Waterfalls Worth Visiting