The South Korea I Still Miss

02/27/2013 08:47 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

Living abroad for several months can give travelers the opportunity to witness firsthand how others live. After I left my home in Georgia and moved to South Korea, I appreciated the simple things that I witnessed in my new neighborhood. Now that I am back in the United States after a yearlong stint teaching in a Korean elementary school, I often reflect about the time that I spent in the Choryang community in Busan, South Korea.

I met some amazing people in Korea. I'll always remember my friend Lucy, and the long conversations that we had as we sipped on hot tea and nibbling on pastries in Choryang's many coffee shops. I also met neighbors who invited me over for tea when they saw me walking home from work. I met dozens of people who helped me during the frequent occasions that I got lost trying to navigate Busan.

I miss South Korea. I miss the leisurely weekends that I spent at the Korean-style spa in the glamorous Centum City, but I also miss people-watching from my window in Choryang and hunting for deals in the neighborhood market. Although for now, I merely browse through my collection of photos that document my time in South Korea, I know that I'll be back there one day.

All photos by --Claudine Williams

The Streets of Choryang in South Korea