04/10/2007 02:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

How Stupid is Rudy Giuliani?

In one week The Rudester has admitted to favoring publicly funded abortion, shown he knows not the difference between Sunni and Shia (where have we seen this movie before?) and has displayed zero understanding of how our healthcare system works. Didn't you get the memo Rudy, being stupid is out in Republican circles (or at least being so stupid the PR guys can't cover it up). It hasn't done good things for your party brand, if you hadn't noticed.

Add in a dash of Bernard Kerik and a hint of Mrs. Rudy #3 hanging out at Cabinet meetings should he become prez (Note to Rudy: Republicans don't like women at private gatherings where the serious stuff is to be discussed), and it's been a helluva week for the 9/11 hero who brilliantly built his counter-terrorist HQ in the most likely spot to be attacked by terrorists (and of course was--and was destroyed).

So how soon until we get the Rudy Death Watch, as we have gotten the McCain Death Watch? I mean polls now show him losing to Edwards by six points in the general election and we also just got this nugget of fun from Rasmussen:

Giuliani has seen his poll numbers decline on several fronts in recent weeks. While he remains the frontrunner in polls for the GOP nomination, his support fell nine percentage points in a week when Fred Thompson's name was added. Additionally, Giuliani has lost his leads over New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Illinois Senator Barack Obama. His favorables have tumbled from 71% in December to 58% today. Giuliani stumbled in a television interview recently and suggested his wife might be an advisor at Cabinet meetings. He also repeated his support for public funding of abortions, a position not likely to help his cause in a GOP primary.

Quick Rudy, time to remind us of 9/11!

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