12/18/2007 02:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Note To Democrats: Courage Leads To Victory

Yesterday turned out to be a fantastic day. So many times we've watched as our so-called leaders have done anything but lead. We've been left in shock wondering how they can still be cowed by a a pathetic excuse for a man who has a 24% approval rating and has been discredited over and over again.

We've been horrified as they've endorsed torture by supporting Mukasey, refused to put the weight of the law behind their subpoenas, etc. and so forth.

Well, Chris Dodd stood up and showed what can be accomplished when we, the real silent majority, fight for what is right. Dodd was fantastic, and those who stood right behind him, from Senator Feingold to Senator Kennedy to The Young Turks to blogs across the land showed that yes, just as you would have thought, you really can best a faux-cowboy who's about as popular as amoebic dysentery.

Amazing, isn't it?