08/09/2007 07:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Dude For Republican Presidential Nominee Please

One would think in light of well-reasoned remarks blaming Americans for 9/11 and all other manner of evil, coming from enlightened members of the GOP base such as the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, John Cox would fit right in with this band of blow-dried Gorgons.

For some reason, though, they are trying to exclude him. Probably for saying out loud in this video what they are lustily pontificating in their tortured innner-monologues. But that is not the only part of this "musical enterprise" that offends me.

As my pal Matt Ortega says:

It's GOP fear-mongering meets cheap '80s hair band rock.

Yes, as you know if you just watched it, the video is that bad. And to make matters worse, he besmirches the great musical legacy of Led Zeppelin. I grew up on those guys, so that really ticks me off.

From what I hear--and granted this could just be a nasty rumor--he also hangs out with Mitt Romney's sons. And I hear they're wimps.