04/14/2008 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When John McCain And His Sock Puppet Attack! (In This Case Me)

The Week That Was 4/11/2008

Another week. More preposterousness to report.

So I wrote a book. You know, because I had nothing better to do for those nine months. And because John McCain is more dangerous than Mel Gibson at a bris.

So, in any case, here is what U.S News & World Report had to say about the book:

A new book by liberal writer and political consultant Cliff Schecter lays out a detailed blueprint for how Dems can mine presumed GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain's political and personal past--including already well-documented incidents of his temper--to defeat him in the fall.

Not too shabby, for a thirty-something, suburban dad like me. The problem is that on a few stories I broke, where McCain referred to his wife as something that rhymes with "runt," and let out his inner pugilist by punching Rick Renzi (in his defense, it was Rick Renzi), I did that crazy thing that right-wing bloggers and the MSM never do! I relied upon thoroughly vetted, 100% credible, yet anonymous sources.

How dare I!?! Because, I have this friend named Max Bernstein, and his dad Carl, well, he never broke a story infinitely more important than this one using anonymous sources. Never. Although, if you watch John McCain's non-denial denial closely here, you might actually see the exact moment when John McCain realizes he's lying.

And he was able to pull all that together after only two cups of Sanka! Wowsers.

Then there is McCain spokesperson, Jill Hazelbaker. She had this to say about my work:

McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker brands the book "trash journalism" and tells us, "The story is completely fabricated."

Which coming from someone naturally imbued with the credibility of a three-dollar bill, really hurts. You may remember Mzz. Hazelbaker from sock puppetry days gone by:

Hazelbaker was caught here at Blue Jersey last year engaged in a variety of blogospheric no-no's. For one thing, she was engaged in an astroturfing campaign to make it seem as if there was a groundswell of Democratic disaffection with Senator Menendez's candidacy. To top it off, she did this by sockpuppeting, or creating a number of Blue Jersey accounts with which to post comments along the same theme.

So there you have it! A woman who is a proven liar is calling me a liar. After much thoughtful consideration, I think I'll choose to

P.S. Thank you for the phenomenal response my book has received! We hit #3 on Amazon's political books list and #18 among non-fiction books, but predictably, no TV yet. So you are my source for getting the message out there. It is only $10. Please pick up a copy and continue to make sure The Real McCain is exposed for all to see.