05/12/2007 11:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Guys Ever Hear Of FDR?

Again and again Republicans/conservatives/candidates for The Connecticut For Lieberman Party do all they can to undermine the populist bona fides of their opponents by pointing out that they've done well in our economic system. It is such a stupid criticism, but then again, I am quite sure they know what they're doing is intellectually dishonest. They are Republicans, after all, and I suppose these days any one of them who hasn't had the FBI raid their home or business is a pleasant surprise.

Yet, what's so galling, is that pretend intellectuals at places like The National Review apparently don't read history books very often. Maybe like Mitt Romney they spend all their time plowing through Battlefield Earth and other Scientology classics. Currently, one birdbrained practitioner of these attacks is Byron York, who questions Senator John Edwards' wealth. Apparently, he is blissfully unaware that Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were all among the presidents who did the most to help the impoverished, elderly, workers and the middle class this past century, while being quite well-heeled personally.

Most recently, over at the National Review, Byron York...

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