12/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Video: Don't Vote!

The Republican victory strategy is an acknowledgment that they can't win the election legitimately, so they've got to conspire, as they've done every four years since 2000, to cheat their way to victory. And they're counting on all the disenfranchisement from hacked voting machines, vote caging, deceptive mailers that offer November 5th as Democratic Election Day, to generate a level of cynicism about the franchise itself. They want new voters, young voters, voters of color to conclude, "Well, they're likely to steal my vote anyway, so why should I bother?"

The Billionaires, with political rapper Wil b. (aka 50 Billion), are speaking to that very cynicism and the urgent need not to succumb to it in our latest music video.

When other countries go and have an election day,

People walk across mountains to have their say;

Wait in line for days until the vote begins;

They sit and watch the votes get counted to see who wins.

Here in America, we put obstacles in your way.

We're really hoping you stay home on Election Day.

But if ya'll voted, if each one of you just up and went.

There'd be a very different government!

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