01/17/2014 01:30 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2014

On August: Osage County


Dear A.O. Scott:

I just returned from a trip to Asia and was catching up on my missed reading. So,
I've only now read your review of August: Osage County and was very surprised to find you materially underestimating its excellent quality and emotional impact. I, for one, never felt l was watching a static stage play. And, yes, the characters are flawed but they are so very real. The viewer might cringe but it's not dissimilar from the kind of cringe one might feel when seeing troubled characters in a great Tennessee Williams work or a Eugene O'Neill one. And what a relief
that we finally are getting bristly dialogue with sharp one liners! And also what a
revelation to see Meryl Streep give still another legendary performance.

Rather than shrug it off as another expected Streep tour de force, marvel at the ability of
this remarkable actress to touch you and affect your emotions like no one else.
And Julia Roberts does indeed give the performance of her career. The rest of the
cast is memorable as well. I applaud a new work that brilliantly strives for good
old-fashioned strong dialogue that puts you through a wringer. I'm one of
millions who is tired of special effects and contrived good feeling movies and
yearn for sparkling dialogue -- à la All About Eve. Viva August: Osage County! Viva Meryl Streep! Viva Julia Roberts, Tracey Letts, John Wells, Ewan
McGregor! Viva the wonderful rest of the cast!

I saw the film with three friends and we were unanimous in feeling this film is
really in a class by itself this year. When great movies like this emerge, we can't
be passive. We have an obligation to spread the word that something special is
available to be seen. Your review of August: Osage County is truly an exception
to my usual vast enjoyment of your very superior reviews. l dissent vigorously
enough to be moved and motivated to ventilate it to you.

Sincerely yours,

Clive Davis