06/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Karl Rove. No Courage. No Consequences. (Yet.)

Guess which war criminal is coming to Minneapolis this Thursday (April 22) to try and peddle his books and hubris? That's right, THE primary architect of the Bush administration's illegal policies and devious political strategy, including the twisting of 9/11 to justify wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and a long list of other illegal, cowardly and fraudulent acts, not the least of which is the convenient destruction of his own e-mails and other evidence of his crimes! Once affectionately referred to as "Bush's Brain", poor Karl had to recently stop his own FOX News hosts from belittling his book tour fiasco. But he must think it's now safe to begin profiting from his sordid past, promoting his methods of deception and corruption to "young republican clubs" and other right-wing audiences across the country.

But how can Rove sell Courage and Consequences when he's trying to avoid facing any consequences from his own war crimes? And where's his courage to do the time?!

(Hmmmm.....Maybe that old pair of handcuffs I had to buy to get into the FBI and kept after retiring will come in handy....I just looked up the Minnesota law and it provides that a private person can make an arrest "when a felony has in fact been committed, and the arresting person has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it"....hmmm.)

Even if the war criminal Rove makes his getaway, it looks a citizen-arrest team will be able to catch him later trying to peddle more of his cowardly hubris at the Mall of America.

To be sure, Karl Rove's upcoming book signing in Minneapolis is shaping up as quite the event. Instead of asking for his autograph, anti-war and anti-torture activists will be asking for a set of his fingerprints! Now that's a real booking party. As that great police chief in Hawaii used to say: "Book him Danno!"


T-shirts will be available for members of the war criminal posse!