03/05/2012 04:14 pm ET Updated May 05, 2012

Warren Buffett's Kid Is Here to Entertain You

Tonight, March 5, at the Max M. Fisher Music Center Orchestra Hall, Peter Buffett will give a live multimedia performance (that encourages audience participation). Peter is a New York Times best-selling author and Emmy-Award winning composer. The show will expand on themes from his best-selling book, Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path To Fulfillment (praised by the likes of Bill Clinton, Ted Turner and Bill & Melinda Gates). Through his performance, Peter seeks to leave his audience with an inspirational and rewarding experience that develops ideas for living a fulfilling life. "Life Is What You Make It: A Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffett" benefits the American Kidney Fund through Ora's Alliance. The event starts at 7 p.m., and you can buy tickets at

I thought it would be helpful to talk to Peter prior to the show to get a better idea about the show. What can people expect when they come to your show?

Peter: It's called a Concert and Conversation because I tell my story while sitting at the piano and I play pieces to help illustrate certain points. I play with a cellist -- so it's the two of us onstage. And I use images and video extensively throughout the show. I also take questions through the whole show. There's not a Q&A set aside. I prefer the feeling of a true conversation throughout. What other performers have influenced you?

Peter: It all started with The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. And kept progressing from there. My older sister would bring home the rock and pop influences -- from The Kinks to Alice Cooper... and my mom would bring home the soul -- The Temptations, Stevie Wonder etc... How has your career progressed over the past five years?

Peter: It's taken a very surprising turn for me. I really never performed until recently. I was always behind the scenes writing music for commercials and film and television. But when my book came out in 2010, it provided a platform for this show. Also, I never sang until 2005. So that has changed my music quite a bit. And the real surprise there was collaborating with Akon on a couple of songs. He heard a song I'd written and got interested in working together. What led to this show?

Peter: As I got older, people would say, "You're Warren Buffett's son?... you're so normal!" I took that as a compliment. But also thought it was a little sad... why wouldn't I be normal? I realized that by telling my story, it might redefine what real wealth and privilege meant. I began to talk to groups and that led to the book, Life Is What You Make It, and this show. How has your relationship with your father influenced your show?

Peter: Both of my parents were very influential on me (as I think parents are with any child!) and that appears in the show in many ways. I talk about many of the things I learned from my dad as I talk about the choices I made in my life. My father didn't set out to make a lot of money -- he worked at being his authentic self. That is the essence of what my show is about. Has he seen the show?

Peter: Yes. He saw it in a very early incarnation and then saw it again last fall. What's next?

Peter: I'll keep doing this as long as people are interested! And I'm also working on a personal video channel that will have weekly vlogs as well as live streaming events. That should debut in the spring. I'm also always active on my Ning site. In 2010 I released a new song every month and I've started that up again in 2012.