06/17/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2014

Twitter and Superheroes/Villains

@Magneto Genius/Scientist/Leader/Fluent in tons of languages/Intuit/savior of all mutants/Master Strategist/Crafter (visit my Etsy shop)/and the list goes on and on - someone you should know!

• Trying Paleo to lose the gut - have you tried it?

• Just levitated and crushed my lawyer's BMW #YOLO


@Doctor_Doom Hello! Don't call me Doom or Mr. Doom or Victor's Doctor! Doom

• Luv when wife yells at me for gettin home late/ u saw the news-Spiderman attacked me ALL Night/ got to work to support your shopping!! #stillloveher

• Have I ever thought about using my powers for good? I have a permanent frown--so options limited! #supervillianproblems

@Batman Dark Knight a/k/a wouldn't you like to know?!

• To the citizen who I rescued this a.m.-thanks for peeing all over me & not thanking me...4 saving your Life! #darkknightproblems

• If media didn't tape everything - I'd punch you in the face :)

• "gonna stand there and hear me cry? That's alright because I love the way you lie." Feelin this right now! #justaman

@Black_Widow Don't judge a book by its cover; Dressed to kill; The Rest is History - love clichés, kicking ass, and crossfit!

• Black Widdow is with Sabretooth at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning #thingsaregonnagetreal

• [After posting 10 selfies of her looking over her shoulders into a mirror] Seriously guys! Is my uniform too tight?? #nomoreMcDonalds

• #Ihungupbecause YOU R MARRIED (If your secret identity has a wife, u have a wife!!!) perv

• Dear self-appointed leader of all mutants, the world does not revolve around U!!

@Sabretooth, Actually a giant teddy bear ... that will kill you

• Sabretooth ran 10 miles today

• "Accidently" stabbed Apocalypse during a flag football game #Fail

• Anger management ... might lose my job

• #FF @AttilaDaHun @AyatollahKhomeini @IdiAminDada @AdolfandEva @justinbieber

@Mystique, Double agent, mutant, shapshifter, and shopper and Coffee addict! Proud to be Blue; Not Bossy, just the Boss  Love @Beyonce & @HillaryClinton; #Ifollowback

• Little Magno did a massive poop this morning--shot straight up to his shoulders! Super powers cannot help clean up this mess!

• While I hate waking up and working out every morning, I was just photographed as a Maxim hottest women of 2014 ... so I guess it's worth it!! #blush

• Don't like people pretending to be someone else? #Icantdateyou

• Why so blue? I don't want u to ever change! You're a super-hotty to me. I'm a God-can u handle it! And the list goes on and on. #worstpickuplines

• Despite being a genius (self-proclaimed), my boss is an idiot!!

• What is Snap Chat and who is Carlos Danger?

@Apocalypse, Always around, Always makin things happen. Over 5,000 years old, yet U cannot hold me back #ageisjustanumber NOT A FAN OF X-MEN; WILL PLUNGE WORLD INTO MASSIVE WASTELAND THAT I RULE - stay tuned ;)

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• Vegetarians live longer and don't kill animals - meat causes amnesia and other brain issues #truth; stop killin yourself peoples

• Retweet my last msg within an hour or I will destroy your city!

• #RETWEET #Teamfollowback -Click here for more followers!!

@Superman official Twitter account of Superman: faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, etc.

• What's the point of superpowers if our "leaders" are all idiots! #superheroproblems

• Why's there an emergency UN mtg and Superman isn't invited, um-he's Superman--and he actually solves stuff #ungrateful #superheroproblems

• Superman thinks that the 60 min special on Batman leaves out a lot ...A Lot

• Remind Superman, can Batman fly?

• Wow batman saved the World from 3 bank robbers/Supman wishes he could've helped but had to destroy a meteor-headed for earth! #whocaresaboutbatman #batboy

• Somewhere over China ... updates soon #lifeofasuperhero

@Loki a God -can u handle it!

• DTF DM me!