05/07/2015 03:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Your Entrepreneurial Journey Says About You...


You have big hopes and dreams for your business and when you're not where you want to be it can feel like womp, womp...

What makes it worse? Looking around you and watching others hit goals you desperately want to reach. Or seeing others come out of nowhere and seemingly fast track their way to success.

In those moments, it's not uncommon to feel like the only difference is you.

That maybe you're not good enough, or don't have enough value to offer.

Because if you did, you could make it happen too. Seems logical, right?

Well those thoughts? They're simply not true. We often interpret our thoughts as truths. But just because we have thoughts, doesn't mean they're right, or that we have to believe them.

I went through a gruelling fertility struggle to have my son. I never could have anticipated what I would face, or that three of my close friends would also face infertility (all with different outcomes).

Some people become pregnant just like that. For many others out there, that isn't the journey.

Does struggling to have a baby mean you have any less desire to be a parent?

Does struggling to have a baby mean you're less deserving to be a parent?

Does struggling to have a baby mean you won't be a good parent?

Does struggling to have a baby mean you don't have love and care to give?

The journey says nothing about who you are, what you're capable of, or what you have to offer.

It's just a different path than someone else might walk.

Sometimes we don't understand the reasons at the time. Sometimes we're not sure we ever will.

You have so much to share in your business or you wouldn't be giving it a go. When you hit those moments where you start to doubt yourself... where you look around and wonder why it's not unfolding how you want... remember that everyone's journey is different.

If your business isn't where you want it to be, it's not a reflection on how much value you have to offer. Or whether you have a worthwhile message to share (you do!).

It's simply about embracing the journey, understanding that it will look different for everyone, and being OK with that.

If you can't find the traction you desperately want, look within to try and understand what may be holding you back. Maybe it's a fear of success. Maybe it's a deep rooted core belief about being unworthy. Maybe it's feeling vulnerable to put yourself out there to attract attention to your business. Maybe it's just needing to pivot and tweak your approach and not be so afraid of failure.

As Seth Godin once said, "If I fail more than you do, I win."

Whatever you do, don't give up. You've got this.

Colleen Arneil, PhD. is the former psych professor and online business brain behind Courses With Class. She makes the art of teaching and selling easy by using simple, systematic methods rooted in real human psychology. Click here to take the free 7 Day Course Outline Challenge and go from spark of an idea to a complete course outline in just one week.