04/04/2013 12:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Classic Looks Remain Trendy at George Mason University

George Mason is a school that is difficult to describe in just a few words. We're not as artsy as an inner city school, and yet we don't have as big of a campus life as the typical college town universities. GMU is different, but we all know that, we even admit it in our motto stating that this is a place "where innovation is tradition." Unlike the rest of the schools in Virginia, George Mason is located just 15 miles outside of the nation's capital.

This places Mason in an enticing environment surrounded by power, wealth and the freedom to escape to a city life. However, we are still kept safe and sound on our cozy 677-acre campus. Being centered in the suburban lifestyle of Northern Virginia means it's normal to drive pass the FBI headquarters or a civil war landmark at any time. We live in an environment proud of its history and tradition, which is why it is so important that Mason, as a school that's only 50-years-old, attracts a diverse student body proud in it's ability to be modern. A person can tell by looking around our campus that students are not looking for traditions, as our motto explains we are looking to create traditions and quite frankly that makes for some great college fashion.

I would describe Mason fashion as classic chic with a hint of urban flare. Students walk around campus in typical east-coast-preppy attire but they make it their own by adding pieces that brighten the outfit and add texture. The majority of students tend to crave fashion-forward pieces but are reminded of the key importance to wearing versatile and comfortable pieces that can transition from class to work to night out. This fashionista is the epitome of Mason fashion because of the way she is able to combine classic and chic pieces to create a whirlwind outfit that makes her fashionable without looking overdone.

This fashionista begins with what I believe to be an ideal winter coat: It's thick without being bulky; the quilted texture adds femininity and the color is a beautiful heather grey, which stands out among the standard black coats but it still maintains neutrality. She pairs her fabulous winter coat with a dark-wash skinny jean, however, with the simple gesture of cuffing the jeans, she creates a clean look by adding structured lines and symmetry. The cuff also allows her to show off her stylish and contemporary suede, nude wedge booties. A wedge bootie is a smart choice for a fashion-forward girl who also needs to remain comfortable while walking to class because it supplies a secure fit and trendy appearance.

To keep the outfit looking balanced she wears a simple cream-colored blouse that has a crocheted detailing around the neckline. All fashionistas know the importance of sporting trendy accessories but, this GMU fashionista understands that with the right accessories a little can go a long way. To add a bit of that urban flare she uses a skinny leopard print belt to include just the touch of print needed to add a funky bit of pattern to an outfit of mainly solids. She also wears a very elegant necklace that is part rope and part crystal beads adding the ideal amount of sparkle that brightens up her outfit and creates a final touch of classiness. This outfit is casual, sophisticated and trendy. All in all, her outfit is a flawless example of a classically chic Mason student: someone who sets trends by taking traditional pieces and innovating them into modern masterpieces.