10/08/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mizzou Breaks the Fashion Rules

If you find yourself on a long stretch of highway passing too many cornfields and farms, you've probably found yourself in Columbia, Missouri home of the University of Missouri (Missoura to the natives). It is a town located in the middle of the state, and although the scenic route getting to Mizzou isn't all that grand, the town, students and campus make up for it almost immediately before you hear the first person yell, M-I-Z!

Mizzou is the home of some of the most creative minds in the United States, if not the world, and is well known in the college rankings as the best journalism school in the country.

Hosting only the brightest students, we mold broadcasters, journalists, advertising agents, writers, reporters, PR specialists, photographers, editors and web designers. Since the University welcomes so many diverse students from all over the world, the journalism school at Mizzou has seen a wide spectrum of fashion.

Students from France, Italy and England -- top fashion capitals of the world have walked through the halls causing a whirlwind of different sartorial decisions made by other students. Not only do we have incredible influences, but students here are always on their toes. We never know who might be in front of us in line at Starbucks, or walking next to us on our way to class. Maybe it will be Editor-in-Chief, Adam Moss, of New York Magazine, or a Senior Sales Director for the Chicago Bulls.

While Mother Nature is kind to Missouri by blessing us with beautiful warm weather into the middle of October, a lot of Fashionista's find it hard to stretch their summer wardrobe into the early seasons of autumn.

Fashionista Mickey Moulder, however, seems to find the perfect balance between seasons and mixes current trends with vintage pieces so whatever she wears doesn't feel forced and is unique to her individual taste.

"I believe that every part of an outfit is of equal importance and have to feed off each other to make a cohesive outfit. So, when I accessorize, I try to do so with a purpose so it ties the whole look together."

Some of her staple pieces are knit sweaters, hats, flannel shirts, scarves, oxfords and ankle boots. And she is all about thrift stores.

"You can find some really amazing one of a kind vintage pieces and exclusive items that aren't found in the average closet. My favorite thrift store in Columbia is Maude Vintage. I love the fact that they support local designers."

This Fashionista told me she tries to break as many fashion rules as possible, and why not? Style is about telling people who you are without saying anything, right?

Her outfit is simple and understated, but because it is made up of all vintage pieces it gives the entire outfit a unique edgy feel. The fall look is cohesive with brown earthy tones from the hat, boots, and belt. The circle sunglasses add a different geometrical dynamic while the navy and denim complement the outfit with just enough color.

This Fashionista proves that, while fashion can get expensive, not everything you buy has to be brand new. Fashion recycles itself every few years, which makes vintage and thrift store shopping the best way for college age students to find stylish pieces to mix and match together.



Ally Straussner is a junior journalism student at the University of Missouri Columbia. She is majoring in Strategic Communications with emphasis in Business Fashion hoping one day to work as a Publicist for a fashion house in either New York or Paris. When not writing for College Fashionista, she spends her free time writing and photographing for her own blog: