The Bohemian Vibe at Penn State University

From boys in corduroys and Vans, to the trendsetting gals rockin' Dr. Martens and knee-highs, those at Penn State are no fools when it comes to style.
08/04/2014 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"We Are...Penn State!" As all past, present and future Penn Staters know, this is the chant that makes the school. Anytime the cheer is starting, Nittany Lions everywhere know the response and say it back loud and proud. Heard on campus and off, the famous "We Are" cheer has been the face of, in my opinion, the greatest school on Earth.

Due to this everlasting chant, the Penn State population is notorious for our school spirit. We stand by our school and are some of the best fans in rural Pennsylvania and beyond. Nothing compares to seeing the sea of white and blue that lines the stands of Beaver Stadium come game day. We are proud of our school and that can definitely be seen through the numerous Penn State apparel all students are rockin'.

While the school spirit is great to see on a daily basis, the diversity in campus fashion is what I truly love. Being a fashion fanatic, I am always in awe of the different types of personalities that people on campus express through their clothing. From boys in corduroys and Vans, to the trendsetting gals rockin' Dr. Martens and knee-highs, those at Penn State are no fools when it comes to style.

The Fashionisto pictured here is a perfect representation of the fashion flare seen at Happy Valley. With his relaxed, bohemian vibe, it is clear that he isn't sweating the quickly approaching fall semester. What really caught my eye about his look was his play up on a somewhat casual and plain, denim button-down. He could have taken the easy way out and matched it with a solid colored V-neck, or buttoned it completely leaving the option for an article underneath off the table. However, he chose to make the outfit his own and worked around the button-down, using it as his starting point.

He decided to make the look stand out through a graphic tank top. I have always been a huge fan of T-shirts sporting legendary rock bands and super cool images. The fact this his fit my standards, but took them to another level through being a tank top, made this look a definite win. A tank top is a great option for college boys, especially in the beginning of the year when walking to class in the heat is less than ideal. I think all of us Penn State attending students can agree that the walk from the Hub to the Forum building come late August is sometimes unbearable.

This Fashionisto's tank is of an Aztec-looking pattern made into a clawed paw print, bringing a little bit of an edgy feel to the laid back, hippie pattern. The tank allows the button-down to act as a nice accent to the look and the two paired together work in harmony almost perfectly. To keep the tank as the main focus of the look, he made the rest of it rather simple. By matching boot-cut khakis with a pair of slip on, tan sandals, he succeeded at keeping all eyes on his awesome tank top.

It is clear that this Fashionisto not only likes to look good, but he without a doubt knows how to. He is confident on what pieces to pair together and he does it with ease. While most girls on campus are seen star struck at a frat boy in a Polo shirt and Sperry Top-Siders, this is the type of guy that catches my eye. So, whether you are a Penn State fan or not, I think we can all give my school a round of applause and a solid A+ when it comes to fashion.


Allie DeBor is a rising junior at Penn State University studying Public Relations with a double minor in Business and Psychology. While residing in her hometown of Pittsburgh, she spent the summer interning at Pittsburgh Magazine while maintaining her roles as a Style Guru and recent editor for CollegeFashionista as well. Fashion obsessed since she was little, she hopes to make her dreams of working in the fashion industry come true post-graduation. She has been with CollegeFashionista for two semesters, and is excited to continue interning for them in the fall.