06/27/2013 03:10 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

Artist Fuel (The Powerhouse of New York City)


New York City is a metropolis that has been photographed, documented, and written about a billion times over, and it will probably always continue to be this way. This city has summoned millions of people all over the world; it has literally entered the homes, minds, spirits, ideals and fantasies of people who have goals they want to make a reality. My experience in this 'concrete jungle' is that the very atmosphere of New York City is consisted of the dreams that have come to live and die here over the centuries. With so many dreams in one place, all consistently evolving and dissolving, one can wonder what is the common link? When people look back on this imploding city, what title will they give us? Will we be documented as a purely economic driven society, lead by trends and social status, or is it possible to give a voice to the true powerhouse of this city, the artist?

The voice of the artist is creativity itself and creativity is always a dream until its physical manifestation. Creativity is what New York City has continually thrived on. When people come here they want to create or recreate themselves and their lives. The ability to create and recreate our self is a gift all of us have, but few choose to fully explore. During my time living, working, and loving in New York City, I have met so many incredible artists. These people range from homeless rebel teenagers to noteworthy actors, musicians and painters, designers and writers, models and photographers...the list literally goes on; and all of them have been beyond gifted. But, I have yet to find acknowledgement of their effect on our daily lives as a city. Where are their stories of encouragement and endurance for the other 8 million of us out here? In times where many people in the western hemisphere are becoming more conscious of the effect human beings have on planet earth, people are becoming more conscious of themselves. This consciousness of self has always been documented by the art of the times.

Every person who has gone against the odds to paint when they were destined to be a doctor, or every singer who belts in the most underground subway instead of working a 9-5, their voices should be heard. We are all on our own journey, and it has been proven throughout time, finding relation to others story of victory and sorrow is always healing and empowering. Am I biased? As a runaway writer and actor, covert dancer and sketcher, yes, I am biased. The voices of those who have come here not pursuing wealth or acknowledgment, but operating purely off of the creative force that must be expressed within them, has been some of my cords of strength when life here has been beyond extreme.

As humans on a mission to make it to the next day we all have hard times. We all share a dream to create a life for ourselves that is ideal. The voice of the artist, the life of the artist is not ideal, it is not a glamorized Hollywood tale of rags to riches. It is a determination to be self sufficient based on one's own talents and gifts. These talents and gifts can be a burden when one is surrounded by images of the socially acceptable way to live. The voice of the artist is more like a spirit, and its strength is in loving and believing in one's self.

The spirit of the artist brings the realization that nothing tangibly obtainable can determine the worth of a human being. We can only determine the quality of our lives by the effect our dreams and creativity have on others. The dreams keep bringing people here, the hope that they can create something from these dreams, in a place where so many have tried. The tourist attractions, the wealth this city contains, the possibility of stardom are all someone's dream. The voice of the artist is the individuals dream. This person understands themselves to be part of an evolving system of life, where life keeps recreating itself. This individual realizes they themselves are a beautiful and important part of that evolution.

So dream on New York, and shout the praises of the famed and wealthy, we the artists will keep writing for you, singing for you, painting for you, playing for you, all in hopes that you too will find the power to express your true self during your life's evolution.