04/02/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Awesome Apps for World Autism Awareness Day

By Angela Zimmerman, Common Sense Media editor

Every year on World Autism Awareness Day and throughout the month of April, individuals and organizations around the globe come together to share resources and raise awareness about autism. Participation ranges from lighting up the Empire State Building to sharing learning tools with other families. At Common Sense Media, we're excited about the possibilities for technology to unlock learning for all kids.

The six apps and sites below are a few of the communication and social interaction tools that can be fun and effective for kids with autism. For more, check out our new Power Up guide, a robust collection of nearly 100 apps and games designed to give kids with special needs and learning differences an extra boost.

This extraordinary communication aid is great for kids who have basic or severe speech challenges. By tapping "buttons" that represent words, kids can string together whole sentences.

2013-04-02-gogogames.jpgGo Go Games
Three fun, colorful games help kids learn an essential perceptual skill of observing differences and details in objects. Kids practice noticing colors, patterns, and sizes of objects to make a match.

2013-04-02-speechwithmilointeractivestorybook.jpgSpeech with Milo: Interactive Storybook
In this cute storybook app, kids record their own stories and hear them played back. This provides a delightful way to learn how to speak phrases and tell stories.

2013-04-02-hidden_currculum__itunes_store.jpgHidden Curriculum for Kids
This real-life-based app uses several dozen flash cards to help teach important social cues. Kids learn about emotions and coping strategies in many different social settings.

This innovative simulation of a high school's social network revolves around social media challenges, and teaches teens about being safe and responsible online.

This online social network for tweens and teens is a great way for kids to make friends and practice everyday interactions in a safe environment.

Tell us about about your family's participation in World Autism Awareness Day. Do you have any great apps or websites to recommend?

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